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Code deadline: 14 May 2022
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About The Event

Guaranteed interviews. Superfast offers. End-to-end support.

Calling C# Developers for an exclusive hiring drive with 8 amazing companies. Skip the multiple coding tests and endless hiring processes at companies, and move directly to interviews, fully coordinated by humans at Geektrust.

How? Register for this event, solve the coding challenge, breeze through to interviews at all matching companies, and get an offer in no time.

And the best part? You get access to live clean code sessions, resources to get started on solving the challenge, live support to answer all your questions, and guidance with anything to help you find a job that is right for you!

Steps to getting hired with Geektrust
participating COMPANIES

Meet the companies that love clean code.

KANINI is a ServiceNow implementation specialist with a global team of experts helping organizations with their Digital Transformation journey.

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Patona gives technology businesses brilliant specialists who deliver solutions that reduce cost, overhead, and operational complexity by seamlessly plugging into the team, culture, goals and vision of a business, helping them scale fast.

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Villa Plus is a leading villa holiday tour operator based in the United Kingdom, providing holiday makers the ability to book their own private villas across Europe.

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Siemens Advanta
Siemens Advanta is the global management consultancy of one of the world's most innovative engineering and technology companies. The company offers end to end capability to create tangible results and business impact.

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Siemens Audiology
Audiology is an R&D unit in Siemens Advanta Development India, that is a market leader in developing solutions that help hearing-impaired people in society.

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Accruent is the world’s leading provider of intelligent solutions for the built environment – spanning real estate, integrated technology systems, and the physical and digital assets they connect.

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A technology consulting and product engineering company that help clients transform their mission critical business applications to digital platforms. With over a decade of experience, they offer robust technology solutions for performance optimization, revenue generation and cost savings to some of the Fortune 500 companies.

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ThrivePass is a rapidly growing technology company dedicated to innovating the world of employee benefits. Its holistic benefits suite creates experiences that support employee well-being throughout the employment lifecycle. To that end, ThrivePass uses technology to foster employee wellbeing from on-boarding to off-boarding from a single login.

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Geektrust Coding Challenges

Your code > Your resume

More and more companies are choosing code over resumes while looking for talent. Because code is a better indicator of what a developer is capable of. Take a Geektrust coding challenge and let your code open the doors to unlimited possibilities.
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Help Section

Get an early advantage.

Make the most of these discussions, debates and side-notes that we’ve gathered over the past few years. Because we want to help you do what you love – write better code.

What developers 
have to say...

My resume was a Java code that ticked the boxes on the "Geektrust checklist for clean code" and that's what got me an interview with ThoughtWorks. The entire interview process and onboardings later on were absolutely smooth and well coordinated.

Nandagopal Nambiar
Application Developer

The job search was easier because companies have my code. The first screening is not with a resume but with code. Makes things really simple.

Akanksha Priyadarshini
Software Developer
Placed at Rapido and Casaone, now at Blinkit

“Our teams are cross-functional and self-organised. Each team is responsible for the end-to-end development, testing and deployment and this allows for huge learnings and measurable growth. We have also adopted a pair programming practice, which allows for mentorship to take place every sprint, and this fosters learning and development for younger developers. In essence, we are a lean organisation that strongly believes in decentralised decision making and zero red tape.”

Simantini Borkar
Head of Engg
Villa Plus

Rather than a conventional training period, we find that it’s better for new members to partner with an existing developer and participate in the work. This way, they learn our ways and get a feel for the work directly and not through some hypothetical training situation. We also shift pairs frequently so there is a constant exchange of ideas and interactions between all of our teams both in India and the UK. I think it’s very powerful for both new joiners as well as for those of us who have been with the organisation for a long time because our new developers often teach us new ways of doing things and bring fresh perspectives to the table. It’s a win-win.

Arti Jeurkar
Senior Developer
Villa Plus